Sunday, September 13, 2009

Greeting LIS 724!

This is my blog, which I really haven’t updated in about a year—essentially since I started grad school. I needed a place where I could display some creativity because my job at the time simply did not allow for it. I had a lot of energy which I needed to expel somehow so I wrote the blog. I focused on creative things that I did or things that I thought were unusual or cool as a sort of distraction from my quasi-existential crisis. Once I enrolled in grad school, my creative energy was all needed for class, so the blog wasn’t so important any more. I may start it up someday when I have more free time, but for the moment, I’m letting it lay fallow. I found the templates very easy to use and I updated nearly every day with pictures and text. I also made the banners for site to personalize it.

I do follow some more adult blogs, but I admit my favorites are mostly just entertaining. It’s lots of fun to read the insights of other people and, while some blogs I follow are by celebrities like Stephen Fry or Neil Gaiman, many of them are just regular people with day jobs. One of the ones I particularly like is

Shreve Stockton crossed the US from San Francisco to New York on a Vespa. However, she fell in love with Montana on the way and moved there, living in a one room converted barn. At some point she found an abandoned coyote pup and simply couldn’t let him die. She has raised him like a pet to an adult and she posts beautiful photos and updates about him. The reason why I like this blog is simple escapism. It has, however, another element. I find it very relieving to remember that some people pick the less obvious choice. Some follow crazy impulses and refuse to play safe. That’s a kind of bravery I admire and one that is too readily ridiculed by those with safe jobs, marriages, and lives.