Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Luchador Mask Necklace


I have, as previously mention
ed, written poems about it.

In case you aren’t familiar, Lucha Libre is Mexican Wrestling. Many of the luchadors (wrestlers) wear colorful masks like the ones in the necklace. Probably the most famous luchador is Santo, who appeared in many movies and who always wore his mask in public and did his best never to reveal his identity. They are divided into the Rudos (bad guys) and Tecnicos (good guys) who all have elaborate, often comical, personas.

Lucha Libre is much cooler than, say, WWF wrestling because the moves are acrobatics. They perform amazing choreographed flying leaps, flips, and tumbling. Imagine Cirque du Soleil but affordable.

This necklace has miniature masks hung from a circular linked chain. Each portrait is an original illustration—these are not stamped or printed. I believe the one in the center resembles the Blue Demon, but the rest are my own creation.

This item will appear on Etsy very soon


My Lucha Libre Life said...

Where can I buy this? and How much is it?

Anthrid said...

Hi there,

I made this one quite a while ago. It sold for $12 plus shipping. I also made a single luchador mask necklace for $4 with a choice of masks. You can see that one up here.

Thanks a lot!

Anthrid said...

I brilliantly left off the URL: http://www.etsy.com/listing/46794105/lucha-libre-luchador-mask-necklaces

My Lucha Libre Life said...

Thanks! Great work!

Are these hand made? Do you take requests?

Anthrid said...

Complete hand made by me.

Sure, I'm happy to do any luchador- real or fantasy :)

Amanda said...

What did you make them out of?

Amanda said...

What did you make it out of?

Anonymous said...

would love one of these...email me at Felicianocapia@hotmail.com

Sally4Jack said...

Hi! I know this thread is from some time ago, but wondering if by chance you'd still be able to make this necklace!?? If so please email me to sally4jack@yahoo.com, I would LOVE to place an order! :)

Thank you so much.